Float session timeline

  • Enter reception and check in for float room guide and health questionnaire
  • Float room host will take to float room and guide you through your first session
  • Enter Float room and lock the door (for privacy)
  • Shower to remove any perfumes, deodorants, hair gels, etc.
  • Enter tank and get comfortable
    • Use neck pillow if needed
    • Music will be played if requested
  • — Float away —
  • When indicated that your session is over, exit the tank
  • Shower to remove salt solution from body and hair
  • Dry off and get dressed
  • Exit float room and check out

Tips and hints

  • Avoid caffeine and large meals prior to float
  • Do not shave or wax 24 hours prior
  • Remove contacts
  • Cover cuts with antibacterial barrier cream provided
  • Remove jewellery

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