What is floating and what are the benefits?

In the gravity free environment the body balances and heals internally as all the senses are rested. Research shows that floating measurably reduces blood pressure whilst lowering the levels of stress related hormones in the body. Experience relief from injuries, aches and pains. Floating is widely used in the treatment of stress, anxiety, jetlag, poor concentration and rehabilitation.

Floatation tanks are also known as sensory deprivation tanks & REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy).

The concept of Flotation Therapy is based on the theory that up to 90% of the brains normal workload is estimated to be caused by the effects of routine environmental stimulation (gravity, temperature, touch, light, sound). We are constantly over loaded with external stimulation as well as the incessant everyday background noise and distractions that we may not even realise our minds are busily processing. Floating in the tank, your senses are released from all of these distractions. Your body is weightless & you become a mind floating in space, enabling your body & mind to reach deep levels of relaxation. The tank creates an environment where you can achieve pure sensory relaxation.

The weightlessness combined with the benefits epsom salts also creates an ideal environment injury recovery as well as providing relief from muscular pain & tension. Entering the float room is your time so un-plug, let go, relax and enjoy your float room experience.

What is a float tank like?

The float tank is located in our float room which includes a shower, change/preparation area and door lock toensure total privacy.

The float tank is an enclosed capsule/bath shape. It is 1.5m tall and over 2.3 metres long so it feels very spacious. The water is heated to 34-35 degrees, the same as your relaxed body temperature. It is 30cm deep and creates buoyancy similar to that of the Dead Sea. The large volume of epsom salts in the water makes it feel silky and dense, it’s hard to tell where your body ends and the water begins.

One of the features of an Australian made Apollo float tank is a large sliding door which can be left open for those who are concerned with enclosed spaces. The tank features an internal light and audio control so that you have full control while floating and you can exit the tank

Frequently asked questions

Will I get bored, frightened and what if I’m claustrophobic?

Anyone who floats regularly will tell you how blissfully comfortable and relaxed you feel whilst floating. As far as being a little claustrophobic the float tank door and light is controlled by you, once you know you are in total control of the room and the tank your fears subside.

What if I cant swim and could I tip over?

Floating is as easy as taking a bath, you step in and lay back, you will float effortlessly in the salt solution and it doesnt matter what shape or size you are. You cannot tip in the tank, you float a lot higher than what you would in a pool or river. The water is shallow and there is no tendency to tip.

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